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New York tragedy, widespread damage

New York tragedy, widespread damage logomacitynet1200wide 1

The tragedy of the Twin Towers in New York cost a huge tribute in terms of human lives. To date, the missing are around 5000, of these many, presumably will prove to be victims of the insane criminal act of last Tuesday. A very high tribute, the largest in history for a terrorist attack, to which are added billions of dollars of damage caused directly or indirectly by the hijacking of the two planes of United Airlines and American Airlines. To understand the extent of the fallout on the financial level, just think the costs that insurance companies will have to pay for the repair of damaged buildings and the consequent increase in insurance premiums. Just think of the blockade of Wall Street, the costs of dismantling the dangerous buildings, the compensation of the victims of air accidents, those that airports and airlines will have for the reduction of traffic and the adjustment of safety costs. equally large will fall on sectors that could theoretically be distant from the event.For example, the film and TV industry is currently working on dozens of films that use the New York skyline, once dominated by the Twin Towers, as background to the script. In the vast majority, the footage will have to be literally thrown away. A sensational case that of Spider Man; the very expensive big-screen edition of Spider-Man entirely set in New York and the Twin Towers are even protagonists. Anyone who has had the opportunity to download the trailer that was available from the Apple website in QuickTime format knows that it ends with an impressive and symbolic scene: a helicopter captured in a spider web stretched right between the Twin Towers. Internet sources claim that the World Trade Center also featured in many other scenes and that production (Sony Columbia Pictures) is now undergoing a process of reassessment of the film's plot and script. The release of the film, scheduled for next May, is no longer safe. Meanwhile, the site, which presents a message of condolence, has put the trailers off line and even Apple, which had the promo on its list, has done the same, even Microsoft has been involved in the affair. Its Flight Simulator, due to be released in the fall, will have to be modified to eliminate the Twin Towers from the New York scenario. The decision is made not only to make the game adherent to reality, but out of respect for the victims of the massacre. We also remember that according to some newspapers the suicide pilots of the planes that shot down the World Trade Center would have used flight simulators to 'try' the crash. Among the accused games was also Fligh Simulator which features a faithful reconstruction of Manhattan.

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