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New game from Blizzard

New game from Blizzard logomacitynet1200wide 1

Blizzard recycles the Warcraft universe and even before releasing the expected Warcraft 3 announces a new title based on the saga of orcs and humans. Word of Warcraft is a role-playing game in the Diablo style that takes place in the world of Warcraft. At the moment there are still few details available on the title that was announced only a few days ago in England. From what we could learn it is, as mentioned, something very similar to Diablo, a title during which it is necessary to confront various missions, fight battles, win credits and use different comparison techniques. The setting will be extremely realistic, with cycles of nights and days that follow one after the other, the characters will be very credible and endowed with facial expressions and the whole universe will be very complex and sophisticated. characteristics of the game online and therefore will not be playable without an Internet connection (preferably fixed). The release of the game scheduled for early 2002

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