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The flash process of a custom ROM connected, more often than not, to the use of a particular package called GApps, essential to be able to have access to the main typical functions of Android and in this article we will explain what it is exactly, in addition to showing you the correct procedure, detailed step by step, to be able to install them in a simplified and error-free way.

GApps represents the abbreviation of Google Apps, it is all the applications and services developed by Google now become indispensable to make the most of the potential of our Android smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, Moltecustom ROM does not boast the package pre-installed, which is why during the flash phase it is necessary to proceed with the installation separately, to make the ROM used complete in every respect.

The main service contained within Google Apps, to better provide an idea of ??their importance, certainly the Google Play Store from which we can make the download on the device of all other Android apps, placing itself as a key and central element within theOS and ROM, the latter certainly one of the main reasons why the installation of GApps is indispensable to make the most of the potential of Google's operating system. Below we will show you the correct and complete procedure to be conducted in order to install the package whenever you need it, making up for the shortcomings of many ROMs.

Preliminary operations:

As already underlined in the introductory phase, this procedure is only necessary if we install a custom ROM that does not already have Google apps inside, once the installation of any ROM is completed, and only after that phase, the following steps will be required in case of lack of Google services.

  • Find and download the GApps

Before proceeding to the practical phase, it is necessary to have the package relating to the GApps, the latter must not be considered as universal but developed according to the Android version equipped on the device, which you will see from the details of the mounted ROM. Google Apps are often contained within thread of the custom ROM of choice, otherwise to avoid doubts you can take advantage, thanks to XDA, the tool called Gapps Manager, which will simplify your choice of package.

Once you have downloaded the bisogner file keep in mind the directory of destination, in case of passage from the computer or if conducted directly from browser, to search for it later in the flash.

As to install a custom ROM also for this package it will be necessary to resort to a modified recovery to carry out the installation, the access obviously differs according to the device in your possession.


To install the GApps you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: After entering the recovery, you will need to click on the option called "INSTALL ZIP", then "CHOOSE ZIP FROM / SDCARD", from which you will have to locate the destination directory of the ".zip" file of the GApps package.
  • Step 2: After selecting the bisogner file, provide confirmation by clicking on "YES".
  • Step 3: At this point we will have to wait for the completion of the installation procedure, once done we can restart the device by clicking on the REBOOT SYSTEM NOW item and go to the setting of the Google services on our custom ROM
  • GApps installation guide

For any doubt, question or request for explanation, you can refer to the comments form, the Android.Caotic editorial staff remains at your disposal for clarification and support, where possible, in applying the guide to all its readers.


The guide is intended for illustrative purposes, with this the drafting of Android.Caotic does not assume responsibility for any damage occurred to your terminal during the steps, aware of the risks, well exposed, to which it is possible to incur.

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