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Memory controller on MPC processors?

Memory controller on MPC processors? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The use of the on-board cache and the increase in its size in MB has reached a limit beyond which, in terms of performance, the advantage will become insignificant and determine an undesirable increase in size. These are the considerations that are driving Motorola to consider new solutions, such as the integration of the memory controller directly on the chip.

The news comes from some Internet sources citing Motorola PowerPC sector manager Raj Handa. The Schaumburg company, in this way would eliminate the need for the processor to communicate with the Ram through the system bus and would be able to have the main chip have the data at the same clock frequency speed and not that established by the bus The system is already used in the world of 3D: think of the most famous (and used) processor with integrated memory controller, the UltraSPARC III? Some graphics processor manufacturers have already used on board memory controllers on the chip to speed up the With this novelty, Motorola intends to promote its competitiveness in the embedded processor sector, but certainly also in PPC processors they could have benefits.

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