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Madfinger confirms new details on Shadowgun: DeadZone

The highly anticipated third-person multiplayer shooter by Madfinger is coming, and the software house confirms interesting features on the title in question,Shadowgun: DeadZone!

A few days after the final release scheduled for November 15th, Madfinger Games communicates truly rich news for what will surely represent the pinnacle of mobile gaming, Shadowgun: DeadZone, or the multiplayer TPS in full style Gears Of War or Mass Effect. Confirmed the 10 characters that can be used throughout the game, the 6 maps available and the two game modes (deathmatch and control points).

In addition, there is also talk of a voice chat that will make the gaming experience even more complete: communication between teammates in order to improve the coordination of the entire team. Really not bad if you think of a mobile game!

Finally, we remind you that the game will be released totally free, with obviously a small internal market to unlock gadgets or customizations that will not affect or unbalance the gameplay.


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