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MacOs X 10.1 finished

MacOs X 10.1 finished logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacOs X 10.1 in Golden Master. Some sources who prefer to remain anonymous but also reliable have communicated it to Macity. According to reports received by our site today, the operating system will duplicate and debut most likely at Apple Expo in Paris. Some other news that surround the release of the most important update of the new generation operating system are also confirmed. . First of all its size. Even the simple update should be large enough not to make it available on the Internet. These are several hundred megs and the predictable assault of those who will try to download it could clog the servers for days. This should prompt Apple to set up a page for the sale of the update as previously mentioned. The cost, which would actually cover printing and shipping costs, should be around 50,000 lire and in addition to the update disc, a CD containing shareware applications and commercial demos could also be sent. The most accepted hypothesis that the CD will be offered for sale on the AppleStore coinciding with the presentation of the update to the Jobs keynote. According to some news released on the Internet, there may also be the possibility that the CD will be distributed free of charge at some stores. The news appears almost certain for American users who simply have to present proof of purchase of version 10.0.x. It is difficult to understand whether the same will happen outside the US and therefore also in Italy.In any case, if the update, as it seems by now established, will not be paid (the cost imposed by Apple, as mentioned, will only be intended to cover the high costs for CD printing and shipping), all legitimate owners of a version of MacOs X will be able to make a copy of the disk and install it in their machines.

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