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MacBook with ARM processor: the first half of 2021 arrives

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 25 February 2020

Apple's work continues to create a Mac equipped with an ARM processor designed entirely in Cupertino. Intel is expected to drop out early next year.

In a note to investors, the reliable Ming Chi Kuo revealed that Apple continues to work on the Mac with ARM processor designed entirely from apple.

MacBook ARM, Apple will abandon Intel in 2020 (Intel says so)

MacBook ARM, Apple will abandon Intel in 2020 (Intel says so)

By 2020 Apple will abandon Intel in favor of an internally designed chip. Intel rumors say so.

since some time we talk about this hypothesis, and the date for the debut of the first Mac without Intel it was initially set for 2020; senonch, perhaps even a little for Coronavirus, has now been postponed all the following year.

At this stage, not much more is known, but it seems to understand that the architecture developed with the new chip will be fundamental for the products arriving in the coming months; implies that the new MacBook ARM and iPhone 12 will share the same technologies:

We expect the new Apple products of the next 12-18 months to adopt the same processors created with the 5 nanometer process, including the new iPhone 5G of 2020, the iPad with mini-LED of the second half of 2020 and the new Mac of early 2021 equipped with an internally designed processor. We think that the support for iPhone 5G, the adoption of the iPad of the innovative mid-size panel technology and the landing on Mac – for the first time – of an internally designed processor – are critical products and strategies. Given that the processor is the key element of the new products, we believe that Apple has increased investments related to 5 nanometers since the outbreak. Moreover, Apple is occupying many resources of its suppliers which will slow down competitors' developments.

If everything goes as planned, in other words, Cupertino will launch the key technologies of the new Mac ARM with the next products on the launch pad, namely iPhone 12 with 5G and the flagship iPad with mini-LED display. To then arrive, within the first half of 2021, to his masterpiece, the computer that we have been waiting for for years and that will allow iOS apps to run without interruption. At that point, the two platforms will be truly cohesive.