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LG G3: system apps available with full apk …

With the presentation of theLG G3 which has actually revealed the device in every detail, attention to software peculiarities, already mentioned in the hours preceding the London event, has obviously pushed, as usual for each top of the range, to the detailed analysis of the device with the availability, which emerged on the network shortly after the official date, of the complete software package of the system app, extremely useful detail for modding communities, in order to develop ROM based on the excellent interface of LG G3, but above all for users who want to test its functionality.

The list, available at download, includes the main system applications integrated in the LG G3 software, although the compatibility has not been fully tested and therefore many of these may not be fully functional, it is not yet clear whether it depends on the version of Android present on the target device or from the model, since not even the LG G2, as found by many users, have offered a guarantee in this regard.

If you are therefore interested in testing the software eco-system integrated in the LG G3, a clearly valuable element as viewed in the presentation event, then our suggestion is to try downloading the apk and its installation, an easily reversible process in case of problems both thanks to the simple uninstallation via the settings panel, even in the case of overwriting pre-existing apps, in which case you will only have to proceed with the uninstallation of the updates. Tell us, if you test, your impressions about LG G3 app:

  • LGAlarmClock G3 |Mirror
  • LGBackup G3 |Mirror
  • LG Browser G3 |Mirror
  • LG Calendar G3 |Mirror
  • LG Camera App G3 |Mirror
  • LG Contact G3 |Mirror
  • LG Easy Home G3 |Mirror
  • LG Email G3 |Mirror
  • LG File manager G3 |Mirror
  • LG Gallery G3 |Mirror
  • LG Home G3 |Mirror
  • LG Home3 Optimus Theme G3 |Mirror
  • LG Video G3 |Mirror
  • LG Music G3 |Mirror
  • LG Message G3 |Mirror
  • LG Keyguard G3 |Mirror
  • LG Easy settings |Mirror
  • LG LockScreen Settings |Mirror

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