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iTunes 8 peeks out on the web

iTunes 8 peeks out on the Web logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to several sources yesterday Apple would have mistakenly made available a link online to download iTunes version 8, instead of the version currently in circulation 7.7. Recall that a new release of iTunes considered as one of the most likely news for the presentation of tomorrow by Steve Jobs.

Among the first to report the news we mention AppleInsider: several users would have identified a "Download Now" button in the wrong position within Apple's main web page dedicated to iTunes. Numerous users who described the "incident" declare that once the link was pressed, it referred to the download of iTunes 8 but that the file had already been removed. The button and its link were removed in a few minutes and, according to the news spread on the Web, there is evidence of only one user who has managed to completely download the file in question.

The interested party who wishes to remain strictly anonymous has stated that he fears Apple's legal repercussions and is therefore silent about any detail. In any case, AppleInsider notes that the lucky downloader is not the person indicated to report any new features and significant changes to iTunes 8 even if he had actually seen them: the Download Now button was in fact pressed because the user still used iTunes in the old version 6.0 which dates back to just under 3 years ago.

While yesterday's brief appearance of the dowload link seems to be confirmed by numerous sources, it is more difficult to establish the reliability of the only completed and known download that is currently known. All that remains is to catalog another, yet another clue, among the dozens that indicate the release of iTunes 8 as imminent and wait until tomorrow for final confirmation. In this article we reproduce the photograph appeared on Appleinsider in which highlighted in red the Download now button incorrectly arranged appeared yesterday on the Web.

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