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Italian accounts arrive on iDSh0p to download apps and games at super prices …


IdSh0p introduces Italian accounts to download applications, music and games for iPhone, iPod and iPad at discounted prices

IMG 0466 What and how iDSh0p works, the service to make $ 300 of purchases on the AppStore paying $ 68

In the past we told you about the iDSh0p service, that allows, against a payment of a certain amount, to make purchases on the AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

For all the details, we refer you to our previous article:

Today, however, let's go back to tell you about the iDSh0p service because very interesting news arrives for Italian users. What is it about? Let's see it together!

The new service provided by iDSh0p finally reaches compatibility with Italian accounts, allowing you to interact with our current Italian Apple IDs!

In practice, while before, to use iDSh0p services it was necessary to use an American account, now we can use the iDSh0p service with an Italian account, without having to create new accounts on our Apple devices and, above all, without having to go and create them in the AppStore American.

Now, therefore, everything is more comfortable, immediate and intuitive, but let's return briefly to focus on iDSh0p to understand how it works and what it offers concretely.

How iDSh0p works? What is iDSh0p for?

Here are all the answers to your questions.

As we have said in the past, iDSh0 works in a really simple way.You just need to buy the refill cut you prefer (from 29 or 50) to be able to shop on the AppStore for much, much higher figures.

Here are some examples below:

  • $ 38 purchaseto get an Apple IDwith $ 100 Converted to Euros:29 Euros for a 77 Euros Apple ID
  • $ 65 purchaseto get an Apple IDwith $ 300Converted to Euros:50 Euros for a 230 Euros Apple ID

Money can be spent on the App Store and Mac App Store as well as on the iTunes Store.

In practice, you make a purchase of 29 or 50 and, for your shopping, you can buy songs, games and applications for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac on the AppStore for 77 or 230 respectively. A nice saving, don't you think ?? And in this way you don't even need the jailbreak, since you can take home many paid applications at discounted prices!

ATTENTION: Italian Apple IDs are currently available only for 300 Dollars accounts

But what can you buy with DSh0p? Pretty much everything you find on the AppStore:

  • IPhone apps
  • IPad applications
  • Mac applications
  • Single songs
  • Music albums
  • Ringtones
  • Movie
  • ITunes Match subscription
  • ICloud expansion

iDSh0p, therefore, represents the ideal solution for anyone who wants to buy many things on the AppStore, thus saving a lot of money!

Remember that iDSh0 is sold by relying on virtual credit cards that can be aggregated to your current Apple ID, or added to a new account being created.

From the moment of purchase, the buyer will have 10 days to take advantage of the 230 Euro credit, at the end of the 10 days, there is the possibility that the account will be suspended, therefore IDSh0p will not be held responsible if you have not used all the credit within 10 days of time. Refunds will be issued only if the card stops working before exceeding $ 200.

But how can you shop on DSh0p?

Again everything is very simple.

  • Connect to
  • Select the product of your interest
  • Continue the purchase procedure by selecting the quantity, and proceed with the payment
  • Complete the purchase by selecting Proceed to checkout
  • Complete the purchase form
  • Click on Place Order and make the payment via Paypal
  • To select an Italian account rather than an American account, just tick the ITALY option when purchasing
  • Now just add this ID on your iDevice / Mac to start buying the one you prefer

Do you want an additional discount to buy on the DSh0p?

Here's how to get it!

Thanks to the strong sales generated by BiteYourApple and to all its positive feedbacks, iDSh0p administrators have decided to give a 10% discount accessible only to users.

So how do you get the 10% discount on DSh0p?

To take advantage of the discount, just write biteyourapple during checkout in the coupon box

coupon "src =" "width =" 537 "height =" 158 "/></p>
<p style=To conclude, here is also a short demonstration video that explains the operation of iDSh0p.

(youtuber youtube = ?http: // v = q_rVFezwQ8I?)

So, you still have some doubts? Hurry up and buy your premium accounts to take home many applications for Apple devices at hyper discounted prices !!

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