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iPhone with rechargeable soon also in the UK

iPhone with rechargeable soon also in the UK logomacitynet1200wide 1

Until now, the only way to get iPhone 3G in the UK was to sign up for a subscription. From 16 September it will be possible to have it also with rechargeable and without the obligation of a two-year contract. This was announced by O2 the operator who has long had an agreement with Apple for the phone on the UK market.

The 8 GB iPhone will cost 350 pounds and the 16 GB iPhone 400 pounds, corresponding respectively to 430 euros and about 490 euros: the smartphone can be purchased in O2 stores, in the associated chain Carphone Warehouse and also in Apple stores. According to what is read on the O2 website, the purchase price includes unlimited web browsing (obviously provided that the iPhone is recharged monthly) even if for "excessive" use the operator will request the payment of 10 pounds a month or alternatively switching to a new iPhone model if it is available. In addition, the purchase price also includes one year of free access to Wi-Fi access points.

The minimum monthly top-up of 10 pounds entitling you to 500 minutes to a fixed line and to a mobile O2 from a well-defined geographical location. to change the predetermined tariff plan.

Note that the iPhone cost significantly higher than what was announced a few weeks ago. On the other hand, O2 had then withdrawn the announcement and the tariffs after a few hours.

At the time of writing, unconfirmed if the smartphone purchased for use with a rechargeable is blocked with the O2 operator or if it can also be used with the SIMs of other operators. But given the particularity of the rate, the purchase price and the activation method, it seems to be able to say that it is a phone that in any case is only granted for use with the O2 network.

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