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iPhone, password does not lock favorites

iPhone, password does not lock favorites logomacitynet1200wide 1

The password for accessing the iPhone leaves a dangerous flaw open: double clicking on the home button gives you access to your favorites and you can make phone calls or surf the Internet from them. To reveal the detytagl according to a discovery made by a participant in the MacRumors online forum.

The simple procedure: just press the button for emergency calls and then double click on the home button. At this point, the user has access to the smartphone's favorites page without having entered the password. From here, in addition to consulting your favorite websites, you can access various other personal information and functions of the iPhone in case the owner has set phone numbers, email addresses, Web addresses by inserting them in your favorite contacts. Thanks to these connections, any unauthorized user can directly make calls, surf the Web, send SMS and emails and above all access the message history.

An English Apple spokeswoman welcomed the news with surprise: pending an intervention by Apple, it is possible to avoid the risk of unwanted access by avoiding entering email addresses and Web addresses among the favorite contacts in the Address Book, or, alternatively, address the double click to the other two predetermined functions: the home screen or the iPod. To do this last operation just go to settings -> general -> home button.

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