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iPhone makes record of internet usage

New internet usage record for iPhone. To record an increase that in August led the Apple phone to touch 0.48% of connected Net Applications devices. The data contained in a preliminary version of the report of the month of August, released in advance of the times of the full version (which should arrive by the day of today, Monday 1st September).

0.48% was reached on 23 August, not one day at random but the day following the launch of the iPhone in 20 other countries after those of 11 July. The peak, probably, is explained by the new iPhone owners who in countries like Argentina, India, Greece and several others, have tried the navigation functions of the mobile phone.

But beyond the boom of 23 August, note the high percentage recorded for the whole month; the share of the iPhone is constantly hovering between 0.22 and 0.25%. In July Net Applications registered a percentage of 0.19%, in June it was set at 0.16%. We can therefore safely speak of a doubling of the use of the iPhone as a device for browsing the Internet.

IPhone is the fourth most used operating system on the Internet, preceded not only by Windows and Mac OS, but also by Linux which has 0.82% of the market.