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iPhone conquers 4% of the Japanese market in 3 weeks

When it is hoped (or feared) that the couple is happily expecting a child, there is a period of uncertainty when walking on the street seems to meet only pregnant women or young families pushing babies in monumental prams. It is called "selective attention", not a form of madness and can, when a thought sticks deep into the brain, mislead judgment and not just a little. This was the reflection, a couple of weeks ago, walking on the streets of Tokyo. All those iPhones that the Macity reporter sees, are there because thought clouding the mind and obscuring its judgment. It cannot be that a single mobile phone, just launched on the market, is already appearing with such recurrence in front of the eyes of those who have come to spend a few days relaxing in the sultry Zen gardens.

Well, six weeks weeks after the launch of the iPhone in Japan and a couple of weeks after those reflections matured on the streets of Ueno, the neighborhood where among other things the greatest number of manufacturers of Pachinko are concentrated, and after reading on the return in San Francisco dozens of doubtful and full of criticism articles on the iPhone's potential flop in the country of cherry trees in bloom, the sensational denial arrives. iPhone will stay there for a long time. The Japanese want it and buy it en masse. iPhone has broken through.

To be precise, it reports an analysis on the first three weeks of the sale of the appliance in Japan conducted by Gfk Marketing Services Japan, the company that makes precise measurements in the points of sale of the countries to elaborate the estimates deemed most reliable of all on the performance of various sectors marketed by retail, in this time the iPhone has conquered 4% of the total of the Japanese mobile phone market. Including low cost. Including those sold on the southern atolls and on Okkaido farms. This means that every twenty five phones sold in Japan, one an iPhone.

The most favorite models are the 16 Gigabyte ones, with a share of 3.29% of absolute sales, while the one with 8 Gigabyte memory counts for 0.8%. The Japanese want the iPhone and they want it with all the spangles.

There is competition, the Japanese market is one of the toughest and for decades companies such as Nokia and Motorola have struggled even to be able to set foot in the door to be able to place a chip on the table of mobile terminal vendors. And now, in one fell swoop, even before the price reduction (dropped by 50% at the behest of the vendor Softbank, the country's third largest mobile operator but perhaps still not for long), the boom. iPhone as if it rained in Japan. And what remains to the reporter? To think that perhaps, a pregnant woman a case, two pregnant women a coincidence. But three pregnant women begin to look like a suspect, a clue …