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iPhone 3G arrives in Russia, official

iPhone 3G arrives in Russia, official logomacitynet1200wide 1

Today the mobile operator Beeline has officially announced the agreement with Apple to market the iPhone 3G in Russia. Smartphone enthusiasts will be able to regularly buy it by the end of the year even if a more precise date not indicated in the press release. The news represents an important novelty after months of indiscretions, even after an anticipation by Steve Jobs himself (who hoped for an arrival in Russia by the end of the year), finally after the infinite anonymous but well-informed voices of insiders who from months appear in Russian press and websites around the planet.

Russia is one of the largest and most important European outlet markets, and also has a massive presence of parallel imported first generation iPhones. Recall that the latest rumors in circulation relating to the agreements between Cupertino and Russian mobile operators refer to as many as three possible candidates, one of these was precisely the Beimp operator owned by Vimpelcom. Macity talked about it in this article. Now all that remains is to wait to check whether Megafon and Mobile Telesystem will also join the game and, if so, whether they will do it simultaneously with Beeline or only later.

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