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iPhone 12 may have 60GHz WiGig for super fast wireless connections

802.11ay technology has been waiting for some years: the new WiGig standard (from the initials of wireless gigabit) at the moment to its fifth preliminary version but the completion expected by the end of 2020 and could already be supported by the new iPhone 12 arriving in September .

This is the 60GHz WiGig protocol, different in terms of specifications and operating modes from the traditional Wi-Fi connections that everyone uses and knows. Instead of running on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands of classic wireless networks, it works on the 60GHz band to offer significantly higher performance, with low latency and multi gigabit speed, theoretically up to 10 Gpbs and even more.

This technology was developed to replace cable connections, even for typical consistent data transfers required in audio and video applications. Among the possible applications with 802.11ay the wireless docks for smartphones, laptops, projectors and tablets, the simultaneous streaming of multiple ultra HD video streams, game streaming, augmented and virtual reality experiences with wireless viewers and more. Apple could use WiGig 802.11ay for its AR or VR viewer anticipated for years but not yet materialized.

wigig 802.11ay WiGig Serial Extension, 1.2 specifications ready for wireless USB

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi connections that take place via a router or another intermediate device, WiGig 802.11ay technology would allow iPhone 12 to connect directly to other devices with this technology, over close distances and ideally without walls or other obstacles, this because the millimeter waves used are not able to easily overcome obstacles as with Wi-Fi.

By integrating 802.11ay technology in the iPhone 12, Apple could use it to significantly improve the speed and performance of AirDrop and direct communications between computers and Cupertino devices equipped with this standard. the first time that 802.11ay is shown arriving on the iPhone 12, an anticipation that comes from Macotakara, a Japanese newspaper that in the past has correctly predicted new arrivals from Cupertino.

The same report indicates the presence of a model of Phone 12 with LCD screen, as Apple has already done in the last two generations with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models, a solution that allows to contain production costs and the final sale price . This indication is in contrast with what is indicated by several reports, including that of the reliable Ming Chi Kuo, which for months has been anticipating an iPhone 12 range consisting of 4 models all with OLED screens: 5.4 "and 6.1" with dual cameras , 6.1 ? and 6.7 ? with triple camera and flight time sensor.

Apple will launch 5 new iPhone 2020s and an iPhone 2021 without connectors

The multinational of Cupertino may have revised its plans in light of the great commercial success of the iPhone 11, by far the best selling terminal of the current range. According to others, however, the reference to a new iPhone with LCD screen coming up this year could simply mean that Apple will build a new version of iPhone 11 to continue proposing it alongside the next models arriving in September.

Finally, always from Japan comes an anticipation relating to AirTags, the small location devices to be applied to bags, bunches of keys, suitcases and other important objects that the user always wants to have under control. Expected to arrive later this autumn, it appears they will support wireless charging, although no further details are given. According to other forecasts, Cupertino could already present them in the expected Apple keynote on March 31st and then start selling them only later.

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