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iPad Pro with 3-lens camera: covers and …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 25 February 2020

Renderings, mockups and covers of the new iPad Pro have appeared on the Web, and there should be plenty of them on arrival. Its peculiarity? The 3-lens camera.

February 25, 2020 update

We know that Apple plans to launch a new iPad Pro in the spring, and we also know that it will inevitably inherit much of the components from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, as well as introducing completely new features. The confirmation comes from the first renderings that appeared at the beginning of the year, and from the first cover with square notch.

iPad Pro with 3D camera and iPhone SE2: confirmed in early 2020

iPad Pro with 3D camera and iPhone SE2: confirmed in early 2020

All confirmed: the iPad Pro with 3D camera and the iPhone SE2 are already in production and will arrive within the first six months of 2020.

I Rendering

Take it for what. Maybe a fake, or maybe a rough preview of what we'll see in a few weeks. The fact is that Sonny Dickson, a blogger considered very reliable in the Apple world, published last September the image you see here on and which would portray the "final design" of the new iPad Pro 2019. And apart from the square shapes, it stands out on all the 3-lens camera module iPhone 11 Pro.

With one fundamental difference, for: the cover in frosted glass, which may mean that a different material or a completely new design is expected on the iPad Pro camera. Beyond the aesthetic minutiae, however, it is clear that with this novelty Apple intends to allow users to shoot 4K videos directly from the device on which they will be editing, eliminating the need for purchase additional hardware.

The shape of the camera confirmed even from a cover recently appeared and published on Twitter by the reliable Ben Geskin. the one you see at the top of the post.

Other Confirmations

Finally, the renderings you see in the Gallery above were created by OnLeaks and would reveal the design and some of the hardware features of the new Pro. As regards size and form factor, there would be practically no differences with the predecessors; the new generation camera however obviously looks different.

Furthermore, it is to be considered that, at the moment, it is not clear whether the case will be made of aluminum or glass, and for this reason the renderings have been implemented both.

According to the air that pulls, and hoping that the Coronavirus will stop creating havoc, and to the flow of rumors, the launch currently scheduled in the coming weeks, close to the Apple Special Event of March 31st. An occasion in which, among other things, the new Macs and the highly anticipated Apple AirTag will also be presented, the find-all with the apple that works even without the Internet.

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