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Ingress: Google develops the augmented reality mobile game!

In recent days we have witnessed the launch of a very mysterious trailer, which spoke of a "Niantic project". A new video clarifies what it is: a mobile video games augmented reality!

Under development by Niantic Labs for Google, Ingress (this is the name of the game) to stage something truly sensational: an entire mobile video game played in real life: in a few words we will play by moving and carrying out operations for real, in everyday life.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = 92rYjlxqypM?)

The plot is about a special power that manipulates the mind. There will therefore be two factions: the Illuminati, or those who have learned and use this power, and the Resistanceor rather those who reject it and oppose it. In the surrounding world, a series of resources located in certain areas will be available, which can then be used in specific portals located in other areas. In a nutshell it will be a continuous war between the two factions to gain as many resources as possible, but surely the game brings with it numerous features and objectives not yet communicated.

The game in closed beta (registration by invitation on the official website) and it seems that it will be reserved for US soil, at least for now. A pity if the global launch was missing … but hope, it never dies!

(App) com.nianticproject.ingress (/ app)


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