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Ingress – First impressions of the closed-beta by

Just yesterday morning we received our invitation to closed-beta of Ingress, the new game a augmented reality developed by Niantic Lab for Google. Find out what our first impressions are on Ingress!

Preview an application something we always like. This time, however, something different is at stake: a game based on augmented reality, or a game in which the surrounding real world has a well-defined role. It is precisely this aspect that has intrigued us the most, namely testing for the first time a large project based on theaugmented reality.

The main objectives and game mechanics have already been explained in the articles of the past few days, however testing the potential of the applications by hand has left us pleasantly surprised. Everything seems to have a perfect style and well blended with the proposed theme, a Sci-Fi MMORPG with classic characters of the espionage in fact, and playing you have the real feeling of wearing the role of a secret agent.

To conquer the XM, or the main resource of the game, we should wander around our city and once you get enough XM it will be possible to hack or create real Bring them that will strengthen our team by creating gods Control fields. The two factions are the Illuminati and the Resistance. At the moment there are not too many people online, so for now we prefer not to get too unbalanced in the "war" aspect.

The interface is beautiful to look at and easy to use. It is possible to chat with the members of your faction or with all the world players, with those distant even hundreds of km or with those of our city: in a nutshell, the social aspect taken care of to perfection, especially to collaborate in the best way. There are also other tabs not yet fully active, such as the one dedicated to instruments. The UI part struck us from the start, and makes the gaming experience truly appealing.

At first glance, we can very well say that we were really satisfied with this game. We hope to see a complete translation in Italian (currently only available in English) and we can't wait to try it in full when the game comes out of the closed-beta, in order to see how it all works by having thousands of players online .

Are you ready? Illuminati or Resistance?

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