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How to use songs as alarm tones on Samsung Galaxy …

If you want to change your classic morning alarm clock and own a Samsung Galaxy S5, you must know that on the new device of the Korean house very simple to use songs like alarm tones. So if you want your favorite music like Wake Up, or you have a song that you like and gives you the charge and you want to use it as an alarm tone on GS5 you are able to add these songs in the stock clock application as an alarm with ease.

First, and very obvious, you must make sure that you have the song you want to turn into an alarm stored on your device, it seems trivial but with the cloud and streaming services that go and the greater make sure that the song is actually stored on the device memory. Once this is verified, you have to follow a few simple steps:

Open the alarm editing screen, Once you have set the time for the alarm you want to set, scroll a little further down and look for the "Alarm tone" section, Click here to see the pre-loaded selections, Click now on "Add" at the bottom of the screen, The next screen will show all the music currently on the phone, Select the track you want to use, and you've already completed everything.

Now you will see your favorite songs listed next to the system tones regarding the alarm clock. A little advice, make sure that the "Auto recommendation" box is selected to choose the music, this extracts the part considered best of the song rather than starting the same from the beginning.

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