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How to use Firefox OS apps on Android

Mozilla recently announced the possibility of installing the applications of its Firefox OS operating system on any device with Android operating system, through the Firefox Browser available on Google Play Store. In this article we will show you the step-by-step procedure to be able to install them on our devices in a simple and practical way, also including their practical advantages.

Firefox OS boasts specific applications specially developed for the proprietary operating system ofMozillawhich, recently, has decided to make it possible to use it also on Android devices, the only tool necessary to install them to be in possession of theFirefox browser on the target device. At the moment the store is not very well stocked, the opening to Android opens the way for many independent developers to create new solutions to be distributed through this channel, which is proposed as a very valid alternative to the Google Play Store. Let's see together and in detail the operations necessary to be able to install and use the Firefox OS apps on Androidthe steps are in fact easy to perform and do not require particular knowledge to be able to perform them smoothly.

Preliminary operations:

The only preliminary operation to be performed in order to install these apps is to unlock the option related to the installation of unknown applications, a practice generally used for the installation of packages apk but equally necessary for the use of specific Firefox packages. To do it go to the settings of our phone and then to the Security item where we will check the item Unknown sources, and then accept the system message that will appear with a pop-up window.Screenshot_2014-06-20-15-26-39 "src =" "width =" 580 " height = "362" srcset = " 768w, /2014/06/Screenshot_2014-06-20-15-26-39-700x437.png 700w "sizes =" (max-width: 580px) 100vw, 580px "/></p>
<li>Step 1: First, if we have not already installed it, we download the browser from the Google Play Store: Firefox</li>
<li>Step 2: Done we open <strong>Firefox </strong>and go to the app store by following this Firefox Market address</li>
<li>Step 3: Now we will find ourselves in front of the Firefox store where we will be able to search for the applications that interest us, once you have identified your favorite titles just click on them and press the blue button, located at the top in the right area of ??the display, with the wording "Free" to be able to download</li>
<li>Step 4: Once this phase is completed, we will be directed to the application installation screen, to be completed, as usual, by clicking on "Install"</li>
<p>Baster wait for the loading and the completion of the procedure in order to view the application coming from <strong>Firefox OS</strong> installed on our Android device, easily accessible as any type of homologation developed directly for the OS of the Mountain View giant.</p>
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