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How to share files with Android Dropbox

In reference to such as share files with Dropbox Android we are really on the safe side, since we are talking about one of the best, if not the best cloud storage application, useful for archiving any type of document. Getting the link to one of the files saved with Dropobox on Android is very simple, just like sharing that can be done via e-mail, via SMS, in a chat with Skype, with WhatsApp, with WeChat, with Telegram and with other applications of instant messaging, as well as with Skype or Hangouts.

The procedure on such as share files with Dropbox Android extremely fast.

STEP 1: if you don't have Dropbox on your mobile device, connect to the Play Store and first download it for free from the productivity category and then the subsequent installation on the mobile device.

STEP 2: afterwards, start Dropbox and press the icon depicting the arrow pointing downwards, positioned to the right of each file.

STEP 3: at this point, select the icon on the left with the wording Share (editor's note in the screenshot ?Share").

share files with Dropbox on Android

STEP 4: when a new window appears, click on Copy Link.

STEP 5: acting in this way, the link of that particular file will be copied to the clipboard. Your active role as a user is to decide where to go to paste it. The choice is yours!

Conclusions on how share files with Dropbox Android: as you can see, the cloud storage app on the Google mobile platform works differently than the PC, since the files are not stored inside the device's memory, but when connected to Dropbox, you can view all the vile available.

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