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How to manage Android from your computer with Wondershare MobileGo

Knowing how to manage Android from your computer can be extremely useful, especially when the internal memory of your smartphone is clogged with documents, photos, videos, messages and music tracks. A solution is needed to sort the contents of your device. One of the best Android Manager ever in my opinion Wondershare MobileGo, a freeware software dedicated to both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS, whose basic mission is to manage, order and organize the various contents of your Android smartphone directly from your home PC, also the subject of a 'accurate review who analyzed strengths and weaknesses.

Before reporting the procedure on how to manage Android from your computer with Wondershare MobileGo, I want to tell you that its extremely elementary operating logic, given that you will have the opportunity to view the videos, images, SMS and anything else stored on your device, to create a backup copy on your PC and to proceed with the removal of the files superfluous that go to occupy the internal storage of your Android smartphone.

STEP 1: connected to Wondershare MobileGo website and download the free trial version by clicking on the orange button Try It Free.

STEP 2: once the download is complete, double click on the executable mobilego_full818.exe. From the pop-up window, give the authorization to install the software on Windows by pressing first on S and then on Next.

STEP 3: once you accept the conditions of use of Wondershare MobileGo inserting the flag on the box I Accept The Agreement, you will have to complete the procedure by clicking three more times in quick succession on the button Next, then on install and finally on Finish.

STEP 4: you are now ready to see how to manage Android from your computer. Start the software from its desktop icon and connect the Android terminal to the PC with the supplied cable. Once the mobile phone icon appears on the left side, you will need to click on Next and verify that there is a flag on the entry USB debugging, reachable by following the path Settings > Applications > Development. In the event that it should be missing, insert the tick and install the drivers by clicking on the button Start Install. Follow the wizard and always click on Next. You can't be wrong!

STEP 5: a click on the mobile phone icon, you will have to wait the necessary seconds to allow Wondershare MobileGo the detection of all the information stored on your Android terminal.

Wondershare MobileGo software manage Android from your computer

STEP 6: make the backup copy on the PC. Click on the button first Backup and insert the flag next to what you want to save between Contacts, SMS and Applications, just as you can see from the screenshot above. Click again on the button Backup. You will find the various safety copies inside the folder Wondershare documents.

STEP 7: now you can browse the files on your mobile phone, just as if they were inside a traditional folder. You can view them with a double click, you can transfer them to your home PC with a click on Export to Pc and remove them with a click on Delete.

Conclusions: now you know such as manage Android from your computer with Wondershare MobileGo. The only drawback of this procedure is that on some smartphone models it is impossible to view and copy SMS and contacts.

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