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How to install WhatsApp on Android tablets with Go Contacts …

Whatsapp the internationally known instant messaging application. This does not mean that it is not without flaws. Rather! The lack of support for Android tablets is certainly one of the most common complaints among users. There are various stratagems that allow fans of the green robot to get around this not insignificant limitation. With this guide we will see how to install WhatsApp on Android tablets, equipped with wi-fi connectivity, with Go Contacts Ex, a fantastic contact manager that can replace the application Phone.

Go Contacts Ex

Following the free download from the Play Store of the application released by Go Dev Team, you will have to proceed with the installation on the tablet. The fact that required Android 2.0 and above as a decidedly positive starting version, if you own a dated tablet. At this point, download the APK file from here and type in your mobile number. The 6-digit verification code will be sent to you immediately via SMS, which you will then have to enter on your tablet.

The procedure on how to install WhatsApp on Android tablets with Go Contacts Ex really simple and allows you to avoid resorting to mooding actions that aim to expand the functions of the mobile device.

Trying Go Contacts EX on your tablet, you will notice the fluidity of the interface for organizing contacts and responsiveness to commands.

In order for the instant messaging installation procedure on Android tablets to be valid, you must not use the same smartphone number on the tablet. In fact, acting in the wrong way you will be shown the writing cannot identify your device. Turn off the phone, remove the battery, restart it and try again.

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