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How to insert POIs on Maps of your iPhone or iPod touch

Our reader Efrem writes to us: "I want to point out a little trick regarding the insertion of P.O.I. on the iPhone. Points of interest that indicate monuments, hotels and especially Speed ??Cameras are normally made available to users on and used with TomTom, Garmin, etc. navigators.

To bring them to the iPhone, just have a conversion utility from CSV to KML format (like the one found here: that freeware) and you're done.

I wrote one in basic, in order to have placemarks with a more "readable" description of the Speed ??Cameras POI. I am also working to be able to choose only one set of placemarks, so as not to have to load hundreds of them.

In any case, once you have created the KML file, you need to "upload" it to some site (for example, for those who own one, Just open the Maps application on the iPhone and type in the search field, the link to the created KML file.

Here is an example: – I download the Autovelox_Fissi.csv file – I convert it to KML and I get the Autovelox_Fissi.kml file – I upload it to my favorite site, suppose it is http: // I open Maps on the iPhone and in the search field digitohttp: // "

To discuss the trick, we refer you to this page of the Macitynet Forum.