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How to find your smartphone with Android Device Manager

It is true that there are several third-party applications available on the Play Store that allow you to locate the exact location of your device. However, in reference to the issue how to find the smartphone, you can safely rely on Android Device Management, a service by Google, whose operation is not so different from that of Find My iPhone, for the simple fact that it shows you the exact position of the terminal on the map, it allows you to remove personal data with a simple click and finally you gives you the opportunity to trigger the alarm if you have lost it nearby.

The objective of this guide, as you can easily guess, is to report yourself how to find the smartphone with Android Device Management.

Premise: for correct operation of Android Device Management, you need a Google account, necessary to access the service, and an active internet connection both as regards the Android smartphone and as regards the home PC. This is where the location starts. On your mobile device, you need to activate the feature GPS.

STEP 1: starts, connecting to the phone menu, where the installed applications are present. Click on the green Google Settings icon.

How to find your smartphone with Android Device Manager

STEP 2: a screen will open at this point. As you can see from the screenshot, all you have to do is select the item Management Android devices, in flagging the boxes Locate this device remotely is Allow remote factory data reset and pressing the button Enable to apply the changes.

STEP 3: the procedure ends with the activation of the remote location of the Android smartphone. Just wait a few seconds to see its precise position on the map.

Conclusions: the procedure on how to find the smartphone with Android Device Management over. However, the Google service allows you to sound the alarm by double clicking on the button Make it ring. The ringing duration of five minutes. You can also remove the contents stored on your smartphone by clicking twice on the button Clear.

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