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How to create Android apps in no time with …

Nowadays, to create applications compatible with the main mobile devices, you don't necessarily have to be a programmer, since there are many web based services able to help you in your goal. It is clear that this does not mean that programming languages ??should not be studied. Anything but! Among the useful services, I point out AppMakr, whose slogan No Coding Required Thousands of mobile apps built for free, by people like you easily translatable for those who know a little English. We see how to create android apps in no time.

Start by logging into the homepage of AppMakr and choose the name of the application you intend to create. The text must be inserted inside the field Enter your apps title here, as you see in the screenshot. A simple click on the blue button Create will allow you to access in a new window where you will have to log in for free through your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! and choose the language.

Unfortunately Italian is missing, but this is the least of the problems. Select the language from the drop-down menu English) and at this point, as you can see from the screenshot above, you just need to fill in the fields of the appropriate form and click on Next Step (yellow button).

The creation of theAndroid application it takes place online, simply by selecting the elements you like that you can move in the project by drag & drop. Those that most AppMakr users never give up are all in the foreground: the section Common Functions includes the calendar and news, while sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and more) takes place thanks to the section Social Feeds.

If you wish to add news from the network to the project, you can rely on the section News & Blogs, while the section Photo & Videos gives you the opportunity to add images, movies and other multimedia content.

So that you can create Android applications worthy of note, you must be able to choose where to place the selected elements. For this purpose there is the box Specs / Info. Finally, since the level of personalization it offers you AppMakr really high, could not miss the opportunity to change the graphics (box Appareance), the background (box Backgrouds), the icons (box Icons) and last but not least the style of the title (box Header).

Before completing the procedure, I suggest you check the actions you are carrying out step by step by pressing the button Live Preview. The last action is to enter the internet address in the browser's address bar. When you reach it you can proceed with the publication of the application on theMakr Store app. Everything happens for free and without the need to write codes for programmers. If instead you want to allow download and installation to owners of Android devices by releasing your work on the Play Store, you have to pay $ 9 every month.

To conclude the procedure on how to create Android applications in no time with AppMakr, as you will have realized by reading this guide, everything happens immediately thanks to the presence of elements that can be incorporated within your project through the method of drag & drop. You don't need to be a programmer to create applications with AppMakr. Seeing is believing! The same guide also applies to the iPhone, as it is also compatible with the App Store.

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