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How Hangouts works on Android

Compared to a few years ago, the level of competition of the applications of instant messaging dramatically increased: ranging from WhatsApp, market leader, to WeChat, LINE, Viber and ChatON which have earned their market share. In particular, on Android mobile platforms (as well as on iOS on the Google Chrome browser), one of the most popular applications in the field of instant messaging and VOIP solutions for sure Hangouts, the old Google Talk. With this guide we will see how Hangouts works on Android.

Connect to the Play Store, download Hangouts for free (13M) and install it on your Android terminal (requires Android versions 2.3 and above). At this point, start the application developed by Colossus of Mountain View on your smartphone and sign up for free with your Google account. From here you can view all your contacts, divided by status (online and off-line). To chat with one of your contacts, simply select it and press the button +. When the person concerned is contacted, he will receive an e-mail notification.

We specify that you can chat not only with the contacts in your address book, but with any Google+ user: just search for them and select them from a list that places the most recurring ones at the top. In some respects, remember Google + circles.

During the conversation, Hangouts on Android allows you to type text, while not directly managing SMS, to share photos, to use hundreds of emojis or GIFs and to shoot a movie directly from the camera of the terminal. Like all self-respecting instant messaging applications, even with Google's, it is possible to start group chats and share locations.

The latest update of the application certainly simplifies the management of conversations, since conversations via SMS and Hangouts with the same contact can be viewed within a single screen. Since the reversible action, you can easily separate SMS and Hangouts.

Finally, Hangouts also allows you to mention a contact in a group chat, so that everyone can understand who you are talking to. How you do it? All you have to do is press and hold on the profile image of the reference contact, after which it will be mentioned in the field where the text is inserted. The same procedure applies not only in group chats but also in those created via SMS, provided that there are more than two participants.

Now you know how Hangouts works on Android. Why don't you download it from the Play Store? Try it for free.

Link Play Store: Hangouts

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