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GPRS and Mac: successful marriage with t39 Ericsson

GPRS and Mac: successful marriage with t39 Ericsson logomacitynet1200wide 1

Fabiano Verdi describes how he managed to connect with his PowerBook to an Ericsson t39 GPRS mobile phone. "I was able to connect via an Ericsson t39 with the tim gprs network, which offers a free connection for a limited time.

After talking for a few tens of hours with the various characters of Tim I managed casually in the connection: You must disable the "gprs and gsm" function on the phone in the settings menu and enable the gsm function only (even if it seems stupid like this) Using the infrared port of the powerbook with the driver supplied as standard (ericsson infrared) and then entering the user name and password provided by the tim and as a telephone number * 99 #

Everything works very well, I stayed connected for hours without drops or various annoyances, the speed on conspicuous good downloads (on a download of 5 mb it kept an average of 3.5 k / s) Only annoyance when disconnected if you want to connect again restart the phone (I have not found another system for the moment) "Another test was carried out by Simone Buggiani:" I did some tests before answering and this is the result: changing the settings only on GSM has worked, for the moment that didn't convince me I tried to put it back on GPRS / GSM and I tried again, with the warning to switch the phone off and on again. It works! For the settings on the Mac, I have not changed anything compared to what Fabiano has already said. To note that in my case the speed really low, you travel much faster with a normal connection using infrared in GSM mode. note the thing to Tim customer service and they replied that perhaps in my area the antennas have not yet been optimized and that they would report to the technicians in the area to improve the service. I can also confirm that at least for the moment the free service, so at least nothing is spent. The connection is a normal infrared connection and the panels to be set are always the usual "Remote Access", "Modem" and "Tcp / IP". On the topic we have long opened a thread on our forum ? Click here >>.

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