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Google Maps: reliefs and first signs of the elevation profiles with the …

The development of Google Maps, for which the Mountain View giant is rumored to be in talks with Skybox Imaging in order to acquire its satellites and provide even more detailed panoramas, it is increasingly pushing towards the various sports uses, among all, as viewed for the desktop version of the service, cycling activities stand out and trek for which the new update introduces interesting features, not many but certainly useful for future innovations.

Google Maps 8.1, as well as in the resolution of some small bugs, introduces the paths with reliefs, or provides the mapping, accessible from the navigation drawer which is confirmed as indicated by Roman Nurik after doubts about the latest release of Google+, containing all the details on names and terrain variations, an aspect that represents a small step of connection with the elevation profiles that the service should soon provide completely, with the detailed calculation of the altimetric variations within the routes for cyclists.

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<p>The update of Google Maps to release 8.1 should take place shortly via, as always, the <strong>Google Play Store</strong>, if you are impatient you can always resort to the relative <strong>apk</strong>, available immediately, installing the update directly on your smartphone or tablet <strong>Android:</strong></p>
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