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Frogger for iPhone

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Frogger a game that, we believe, needs no introduction: a piece of history and tradition that anyone over 30 years old will remember fondly, especially if, like myself, he spent long days in bars or game rooms trying to complete increasingly complex levels. The game was originally produced by Sega and, starting from the 80s, converted for every possible system. It is a somewhat atypical climbing game: we play the role of a frog who must reach various dens on the opposite side of a road and a river full of dangers. The trivial and repetitive concept but ensures hours of fun.

Of particular importance (for the era in which it was born) the soundtrack: a polyphonic tune impossible to forget, played throughout the game. If you want to relive the emotions of then, for now, for, you cannot do it. The game (sold for $ 7.99) available only on the American App Store. At the moment it is not clear whether it will also be released on the Italian version of the shop.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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