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Foxconn: "iPhoneGirl has not been fired"

Foxconn: "iPhoneGirl has not been fired" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The round face and a nice smile: the face of the Chinese girl involved in the iPhone production lines that has become famous all over the world. It happened when the British buyer of a new iPhone, immediately after taking it out of the package, discovered in the memory of the smartphone some shots that portray a young woman at the workplace: one of the allegedly numerous iPhone 3G production lines. The news has gone around the globe and the Web: Macity spoke about it in Many greetings from the iPhone factory.

Not the first time you happen to find photos inside new factory iPhones, only this time the clearly identifiable subject, female, young and also seems nice. Along with the euphoria of the discovery, a certain concern for the girl's working future begins to spread among web surfers. Apple and the companies that work on its behalf are not known for their complacency towards employees who make mistakes even if, in this case, the mistake in all likelihood not of the person portrayed. The most accepted hypothesis that the girl, now universally known as iPhonegirl, lent her smile to some colleague in the test phase of the camera integrated into the smartphone.

Today is good news: worries about using the girl are over. A Foxconn executive who wishes to remain anonymous has told Xiandai Kuaibao that iPhonegirl has not been fired. The executive confirms that iPhonegirl works at one of the Foxconn plants, the company that builds most of the iPhones and iPods for Apple, according to statements also reported by

The manager also admitted that the photos were accidentally forgotten inside the smartphone's memory and that the company is investigating the episode. Maybe not the last time we hear about iPhonegirl. Recall that the site, from which we learn the news of this article, managed directly by a branch of the Chinese government that keeps under close control what is accessible on the Web and what is not for all the people of Web surfers Chinese. This is the same website that Macity talked about in this iTunes article first blocked and then available again from China, but without the pro Tibet album. In the meantime, all iPhonegirl fans can keep up to date in real time by consulting the website

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