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Fitbit: the Italian fitness tracker app on the Google Play Store is official

With the growth of fitness sector, inherent and linked to wearable devices, services and related applications have also undergone a marked increase in growth so as to push some giants, long immersed in the landscape, to push to be able to delimit their field of action without losing users, and this is the case of Fitbit, the company that develops products like Fitbit Flex, one of the best fitness bracelets on the market and available on Amazon in important discounts, which launched its app on the Italian market.

The presentation of the service offered by Fitbit, previously present only on some selected markets, was conducted with a specific event in Milan aimed at tracing the objectives of the company which with official support to Italy expects to intensify its attention to related services, not surprisingly among the new features included in the app, in addition of course to the graphic reinterpretation that allowed the insertion of the navigation drawer, the start of processing on the food database, obviously still incomplete on foods and food Italian, which are necessary for the daily monitoring of the calories consumed.

The Fitbit application thus allows all Android users, by downloading from Google Play Store, to be able to monitor their physical activity, through the use of one of the company's wearable products, taking into account exercise, rest and also the calories taken based on lifestyle. To download the application, you can contact the following link:

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