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First WiFi products from Intel

First WiFi products from Intel logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel introduces its first IEEE 802.11 product, AnyPoint Wireless II, a card capable of communicating wirelessly using the WiFi standard, the same as Airport. The news of great interest for the wireless sector applied to the world of computers because Intel up to a few months ago she was the main supporter of HomeRF, a competing WiFi technology. Intel had joined a group that included companies like Compaq, Proxim, Siemens and Motorola to promote the standard, which was deemed cheaper and easier to use than WiFi and therefore more suitable for creating home networks. Intel has now changed its mind . WiFi prices have fallen and since most professional realities have chosen IEEE 802.11, according to marketing managers, it doesn't make much sense to support a different standard. Hence the decision to abandon HomeRF in favor of WiFi. Intel's move from where Apple is to the world of wireless adds considerable weight to the success of the Airport system. Intel is the fifth largest manufacturer in the world in the wireless communications sector, but above all has a very heavy name in the IT sector.We remember that Apple was the first company in the world of the IT industry to adopt WiFi when it introduced the world almost more than two years ago. iBook.

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