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Facebook: the Beta release introduces the sound recognition

The news scheduled by Facebook to further improve their service they are different, among these, in addition to the money transfer mechanism, in style PayPal, and the directing to the market of online dating, to definitely stand out the mode of sound recognition for songs, mainly but also announced TV programs and unveiled in the last period which, with a completely unexpected update, is official in the USA.

The functionality has in fact been included in the Beta release of Facebook, version 11, which is active mainly in the USA and for very few Italian users, going to lay the foundations for a stable arrival in Europe according to timing still not known. As for the operation, at least according to the guarantees of privacy provided by the company, the active microphone for sound recognition would not record conversations but sound fragments in encrypted fingerprints crossed with a database, the latter fed with elements provided in agreement with the music and television partners, for a process of matching anonymous that allows you to get information to share with friends.

The new Facebook functionality, as usual, is already active for iOS users Americans thanks to the privileged advanced development process that the company of Zuckerberg grants iPhone users, allowing to view in advance, with the following video, the operating mechanism:

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