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Europe wants smartphones with easily replaceable batteries

Not just a single charger: the European Commission also wants to make changing batteries easier of smartphones. Until a few years ago anyone could do it, at least on some models: the back covers were designed to be removed, as well as the battery.

In the era of smartphones, this feature was short-lived, due to the need to optimize spaces more and more. Today it is practically impossible to find a smartphone on the market that does not require the use of hot air guns (or hair dryers) to remove the back cover or the front screen, fixed to the rest of the device with glue (example in the opening image) . In short, it is not an operation for everyone – and it also entails several risks, being the glass covers.

For the moment there is nothing official: it is just an idea that is being worked on. The information was disclosed by Financieele Dagblad, Dutch financial newspaper (style Bloomberg, WSJ or The sun 24 hours, in order to understand each other). The EU goal is to allow people to use their smartphone longerthereby reducing the amount of WEEE waste generated. The draft obtained by the FD reveals that it will be officially presented by Frans Timmermans, one of the main leaders of European ecological policies, in mid-March.

We can expect resistance from manufacturers, because this will lead to important changes to device design policies. It is true that the details are still to be defined: a valid alternative could be a limit to the costs of replacing the integrated batteries – when Apple did it, less than a couple of years ago, the idea was very successful.