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Ellison: the crisis will not kill Apple

Ellison: the crisis will not kill Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

'Which industry will survive the IT crisis? Apple '. He answered without hesitation and with little hair on the language, as always, to the question posed by Alan Friedman, Larry Ellison. The Oracle CEO was interviewed by Rai News 24, the Rai satellite television entirely dedicated to news. At the center of the comparison with the popular economic journalist, pointed out by Michele Zangrossi, the current problems of the IT world of which Oracle is one of the essential pins, producing the most widespread database used both on the Internet and in the corporate world. Commenting on one of the ideas presented by Friedman on the crisis in the IT sector, Ellison said that among the companies that will survive there will certainly be Apple 'works in a niche – said the volcanic CEO – in addition it is increasingly getting closer to the Sony model. The choice to turn the computer into a digital hub is the right one. Among the other industries that Ellison believes will emerge more or less unscathed from the turbulence of these months there will be HP, Dell and Compaq. Evidently the interview had been done before the merger between HP and Compaq … Almost certainly during the Italian holidays of Ellison, at the end of July.

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