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Create Front Page: your news on the front pages of newspapers

On this Sunday in early June we are talking about a fun one application which is depopulating on the Play Store but also on social networks given the social and sharing purpose inherent in it. It's about Create First Page, an app that allows you to create firsts personalized pages of the main Italian newspapers, putting your joking headlines on you or your friends in bold and prominent.

The application is very simple to use, you will have the main title of the main Italian newspapers such as the Gazzetta dello Sport, Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, here you can unleash your imagination, creating the title you want and then seeing it created right there, on the front page of the newspaper. Have you always dreamed of a title about you, or do you want to joke a friend of yours, well Create Prima Pagina the application that's right for you, and that allows you to give free rein to your imagination and create and share your joking texts with friends.

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<p style=Once the title has been created, it can then be shared with your friends directly on the main social networks, surprising them with a final effect that recalls that of the main newspapers that we read every day. Create Front Page a free application available on the Play Store directly to this link.

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