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Corel, still profits

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Corel posted yesterday the fiscal results for the quarter ended at the end of August showing a slight positive balance. The news is significant because very few companies in the IT world are able to close without losses, even heavy ones, at this moment. . In addition to it, it seems very comforting to us that Corel, which had come to the brink of bankruptcy just a few months ago, is making a profit for the third consecutive time. According to analysts, the figure stems from a very painful policy of budget cuts and to the staff but also to a more precise focus on market segments that despite everything are still expanding. The financial performance of the Canadian company marks a 12-month surplus of $ 3.4 million at the end of the year (in the last quarter of 500,000 dollars, just over a billion) on a turnover of 102.7 million dollars. The data on sales down, although not exorbitant, compared to the previous year when it was 117.1 million dollars, but the difference in the final balance. During the 1999/2000 fiscal year, Corel recorded a red of 10.7 million dollars. Another positive aspect was the growth in liquidity which reached 123 million dollars. We remember that Corel controls, through the Procreate brand, numerous products for Macs including Painter and KPT.

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