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AroundMe: the world in your pocket with iPhone and touch

AroundMe: the world in your pocket with iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thanks to iPhone and touch and the AroundMe program we can lighten the baggage that weighs us down during travel and transfers, at least the one that concerns various guides and maps. The program works on the iPhone and, having determined our geographical position, can offer a complete series of information and points of interest available in the immediate vicinity. The localization takes place automatically with iPhone 3G while with iPod touch and iPhone Edge the function relies on the Wi-Fi localization service offered by the pocket operating system. Recall that in Italy the location via Wi-Fi available in a limited number of areas and only in the central areas of some major cities.

Once the location has been determined, AroundMe shows a complete list of all the activities that fall into the categories chosen by the user: among the others we mention bars, banks, petrol stations, hospitals, cinemas, taxi service, supermarkets and much more. For each activity, the address, telephone number and, in addition to other important data, also the distance from our position are indicated. If you wish, you can also view the map and the route to reach it. It is still possible to report the point of interest to a friend or insert it within our contacts.

We also remember the function "Nearby" which retrieves the information available on Wikipedia on the fly to the points and areas of interest in our immediate vicinity. Not bad for a program that costs only ? 1.59 and, moreover, also localized in Italian, which should not be surprising: the author Marco Pifferi, deus Ex-Machina of TweakerSoft that Macitynet readers know through its VectorDesigner application for Mac.

AroundMe can be purchased directly from this App Store link.

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