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AppleWorks and .DOC documents: the solution does not work for everyone but …

A big contribution comes from our reader Adriano who has been trying for a few days to get to grips with the situation on several Macs.

Here is his letter "When I was now almost certain on how to make AppleWork6 translators work, according to the updated instructions found on MacProf (and which work equally with AW5) I decided to carry out the operation on all those of the studio where I work with 6 Macs of various types, with OS from 8.1 to 9.2.1.I try on the first one, a 6100 updated to G3 / 240, Mac OS 8.6; copy translators and extension, delete preferences, restart with reconstruction of the desk, and implant!! On the other hand, an iMac 350, Mac OS 9.2.1, copy, etc … I open AppleWorks and … nothing !!! He sees absolutely no DataViz.Mah translator, let's see what the 6100 does: I open AppleWorks and … wonder !!! I see even more translators than at home! In fact, in addition to the others, I also see a Translator for both Word and Excel 98. I'm going to immediately look for documents in this format, and, another wonder, they open perfectly, without changing the type to TEXT.I try on the G3 / 400 OS 9.2. 1, absolutely nothing, no visible translator (here I also have AW 6, ditto).

OK, there are, the Mac OS 9.2.1 or at least the 9.x that messes up.However, I check all the extensions and those extra OS are the same.Via, I install the translators on the other 6100 adj. G3 / 240 always OS 8.6, and … nothing !!! Grrr … I check the extensions, the preferences, the Claris folder, the Application Support Folder, the … then I get an idea: I copy "MacLink Import Translators" and "MacLink Export Translators" from 6100 where the translators work on the G3 / 400, and after a restart they work exactly as on the 6100; and they really work.

OK, now I'm home, but I've brought the two files that should contain the list of translators. I replace them with mine and finally something works as I expected: I see all the translators, open a Word 98 document and OK.

Conclusions: the problem lies in the generation of the files that contain the list of translators, which I don't know with what logic varies from Mac to Mac, but once I have a working file, I can copy it and other Macs can also benefit from it.

With AW6 the two files above (which are located in the "Application Support: AppleWorks" folder) should be replaced by the preference "AppleWorks 6 Translator Cache", but I have not done many tests because AW6 runs only on two of the 7 Macs that I have In all the tests made today I left the translators in the Translators folder together with the "DVZ … etc" libraries, I eliminated everything that could belong to previous versions of MacLink, AppleWorks preferences, etc … I don't know if everything is there it was necessary, but now I see the Word and Excel 97 and 98 files, I can open and save them, and I think that if I copy the preferences together with the translators, everything works on any Mac. On the weekend I will try to install AW6 and generate an ?AppleWorks 6 Translator Cache? file and move it to the Macs on which I have already installed AW6. I will keep you informed

I hope I have made a decisive contribution, if not to explain the mystery, at least to find out how to get around the problem … "

We thank Adriano and all those who have written to us, we hope with your help to find a unique and definitive solution to the problem. If you have news, you have been able to successfully apply the solutions proposed by Adriano let us know by writing to (Email protected)