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Apple Patent: A new patent helps the iPhone in the falls!


A new patent seems to glimpse a new feature of a hypothetical futuristic iPhone, with the new patent the iPhone recognizes the falls and prepares for the impact …

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The iPhone has been the most desired technological object since the launch of the first model in 2007 with Jobs! It will be that the iPhone has been a far more advanced device for a long time than the competition, but it will also be that and still the most beautiful smartphone from a design point of view! Let's face it: the iPhone 5 aesthetically very attractive!

And Apple knows this well and its external beauty is the purpose of the latest patent filed by the "bitten apple". No ploy to further embellish Cupertino's smartphone but with the new patent the iPhone is preparing for the impact as soon as it detects the free fall, in such a way the impact is absorbed by a less weak part of the body.

The simple mechanism, a mass connected to a motor with the center of mass spaced from the rotation axis, positions the iPhone correctly before impact by acting on the center of gravity of the device. For those who know the mechanism of vibration, the device patented by Apple works the same way.

We are still waiting for a revolutionary iPhone from Apple, we will succeed with it the new iPhone?

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