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Apple No. 1 in Americans' purchase plans

Apple No. 1 in the Americans' purchase plans logomacitynet1200wide 1

For his research ChangeWave interviewed 4 thousand people who intend to buy a computer within the next 3 months: as many as 32 percent have in mind the purchase of a Mac. The closest competitor in the world of Dell computers with 28%, is HP is decidedly far apart with 17 percent preferences for desktop systems and 20 percent for laptops. The research also shows that Apple is the only brand that has seen growth in both the preferences of notebooks and desktops in the last month, respectively 32 percent (+ 2%) and 30 percent (+ 2%).

According to Paul Carton research director of ChangeWave, Apple has reached the turning point: ?Before it was early adopters and careful consumers, now that we are in the 30% range, the change seems permanent for Apple. In the United States, buying a Mac is the same as buying a Dell or PC system, "these analyst claims report from

Carton hints at Apple's recent results that outperformed any other brand in customer satisfaction, Macity mentioned it in this article. Finally, it offers an estimate of the so-called halo effect, namely the growth in sales of Mac and other Apple products first thanks to iPod and more recently pushed by iPhone. Last year, according to the director of ChangeWave in the USA, thanks to the first EDGE version of the iPhone, the planned purchases of Mac increased by 6.5%, this in the summer months, immediately after the launch of the iPhone. Carton is convinced that the halo effect continues: 17% of respondents this year said they were willing to buy a Mac, citing the new iPhone 3G as a reason.

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