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Apple iPhone, peak demand in China and expected delays for "SE 2"

Apple has already predicted some hitches in this first quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic, and two articles by Bloomberg released in the past few hours they delve a little into the matter. The first, through the analysis company UBS, analyzes the trend in the Chinese iPhone market in January 2020, the one in which the epidemic began to spread, based on data provided by the government: the figure that stands out most is the iPhone demand drop by as much as 28% compared to the same month of the previous year.

Inevitably, UBS notes, it will be even worse in February, because the epidemic has been in full swing. Apple has had to close all its physical stores, and only now is it slowly reopening them. The situation is still very complicated and it is difficult to make predictions: Apple itself has not released precise indications. It is worth noting that, in any case, Apple is better than the rest of the market: again according to official data, the general demand for smartphones in January decreased by 37% compared to the previous year.

In the second article we speak instead of delays, which according to another analytics firm, Wedbush, will particularly hit the iPhone SE 2 or 9. Analysts say Apple suppliers, who rely heavily on China, will not return to full speed before April. This means that cheap iPhones may be several weeks late (remember that a presentation is expected on March 31 and availability a few days later). In the worst case, the problems in the supply chain they could continue until June, thus causing delays of "several months" even to the availability of the actual iPhone 2020.