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Apple iPhone 5S: is this the first photo?


iPhone 5S: the first stolen image appears on the net. Will it be him?

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<p style=Apple is now working on its new iPhone model, also known as iPhone 5S.

At the moment we do not know if this new smartphone will, at the design level, be the same or different than the current iPhone 5.

In the past, as you will certainly remember, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S were absolutely the same as the previous models and the only thing that differentiated them was the internal hardware, more powerful in the "S" model than the previous one.

Waiting to find out more details on Apple's iPhone 5S, let's see together the images that have appeared on the net in the last few hours.

As you can see, the one portrayed in these images could be the new iPhone 5S, very different from the current iPhone 5.

That is callediPhone 5Sor iPhone 6, it matters little. Apple's next smartphone has already catalyzed the attention of all fans and rumors about it have been filling the pages of the blogosphere for weeks.

Contrary to the past few days, however, today we do not have unfounded rumors available, but we can look at these first images together which, theoretically, should portray the next generation iPhone.

The images come from GSMarena, a source that is usually believed to be reliable. As we can see, however, the smartphone portrayed in a photo very different from what we would all expect.

The device in fact has a completely different shape from its predecessors, but was anticipated by a patent that appeared on the net a few weeks ago.

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<p style=As we see from the photos, the iPhone loses its flat shape and acquires a slight central camber which therefore makes the device curved. C

As described by the patent, the curved display occupies almost the entire front of the device.The Lightning dock connector, the speakers, the audio jack, as well as the front camera, remain unchanged compared to those present in the iPhone 5.

patent 1

In my opinion these photos are NOT real.

We are probably in front of a rendering, very well done, of a project based on the named patentElectronic device with wrap around display.

Who provided the photos obviously declares that they are real, but the device may be nothing more than a prototype, then discarded in favor of others. Alternatively, it could simply be a well-done rendering made very similar to a real photo.

What do you think about it? Real photo or fake photo very well done? What will Apple's new iPhone look like? make yourself heard in the comments!

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