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Apple has invested in Inrupt, startup created by Tim Berners-Lee

Inrupt a startup created dar Tim Berners-Lee, British computer scientist, co-inventor with Robert Cailliau of World Wide Web. The startup aims to redesign the way the web works, is expanding its operational team and to launch a pilot project in search of a way to develop "a widely scalable high quality technological platform".

Inrupt – reports the site PatentlyApple – was founded in 2017 to implement the decentralization of Solid technology, developed by the Berners-Lee team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Last year, Inrupt raised more than $ 10 million in funds from IT companies, individuals and institutions who wanted to finance the company's development.

Some large IT companies privately report seeing Solid as something quixotic that will probably never succeed in the intended enterprise since users are too dependent on current procedural models on existing platforms; among the companies that IT that in any case have decided to invest in the project are: Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, all of which publicly support the Data Transfer Project launched in 2018 to help create an open-source data portability platform that could be integrated with Solid.

Apple has invested in Inrupt, a starup created by Tim Berners-Lee

John Bruce, co-founder of Inrupt and CEO, reports that the startup is working on several pilot projects, including one in Manchester. We are testing whether we can offer better health care to British citizens together. At the moment various data are residing in watertight compartments of the whole British National Health Service. Wouldn't it be nice if you could distribute them directly to the nurse or to the care staff? A holistic depiction of health care could be obtained. "

Apple has long been interested in various projects that aim to centralize the management of medical records and an Apple spokesman participated in a recent meeting organized by the Carin Alliance, a coalition of health and technology bodies born to promote the exchange of health information. directed by consumers.

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