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Apple and Johnson & Johnson, joint study to reduce stroke risk

In addition to being the smartwatch that dominates the specific market segment, Apple Watch can be used as a tool that helps identify symptoms of certain heart diseases. Starting from the Series 4 models, Apple has introduced support for the ECG function that allows you to perform a very simple and fast electrocardiogram.

Apple and Johnson & Johnson today announced a study, via a new app, aimed at gathering more information on atrial fibrillation and other conditions monitored by the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Main goal of "Heartline Study" is to try to understand if Apple's health monitoring technology may be able to help reduce stroke risk. The problem of atrial fibrillation, one of the main causes of stroke, is the difficulty in diagnosing it as there are no physical symptoms in most patients. .

The study is aimed at all Americans who are 65 years of age or older, have a Medicare insurance program, accept access to related data, and use an iPhone 6s or later. Once selected, the participants will be randomly divided into two groups: one will only use the Heartline Study app on ?iPhone?, the other will use the l'appon iPhone? app and an Apple Watch?. The study will last three years and will require active commitment for two years. The third year will be devoted to data collection.

Apple regularly participates in scientific studies with its devices. He recently participated in the Apple Heart Study published by Stanford Medicine which determined that "Apple Watch" is able to successfully detect atrial fibrillation. Also last November, remember, numerous Italian users had the opportunity to try the Apple Watch ECG function within the "Isola del Cuore" project activated byFatebenefratelli Hospital in collaboration with Magnetic Media Network.