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Apple and AT&T bring tethering to iPhone?

Apple and AT&T bring tethering to iPhone? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Navigate with your Mac anywhere using the connection to the iPhone cellular network: the only "legal" application that allows it or, better, allowed Nullriver's Netshare removed the day after its appearance on the App Store. The hot topic: the useful function and those who pay a substantial monthly subscription for iPhone data transfer do not see why they cannot use it to navigate with their computer. On the other hand, we find the interests of telephone companies and at the center of the Apple game with iPhone.

The news on the tethering of these last minutes, reported by Gizmodo, comes from a reader of the site who claims to have received an email directly from Jobs. In the now classic concise, almost telegraphic style, Jobs would seem to communicate to the lucky user that Apple is in discussion with AT&T to make paid tethering via iPhone possible.

According to when reported by the Gizmodo site, the reader would have written to Jobs an email describing the example of the tethering possible on BlackBerry terminals by paying an additional $ 30 a month which will add to the terminal's monthly fee. The reader claims that it is ridiculous that it is not possible to do the same thing with iPhone, since it is a smartphone that is so advanced and that personally it would be willing to pay the extra charge in order to have this function.

Here is the translation of the text of the message received in response: "We agree and we are discussing the thing with ATT" signed Steve and subsequently even the wording "Sent from my iPhone" appears automatically mailed to all emails written and outgoing from iPhone . Like all rumors of this type and perhaps in a particular way for this case, a pinch of caution is recommended.

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