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Android L Keyboard: the new keyboard available for everyone on Google …

If the presentation of the new release of Android L, which took place at Google I / O in an event that you can relive with Keynote video, has impressed you in particular for some elements that have emerged, such as the new keyboard, know that there are several methods to be able to obtain it, both through the apk excerpts by XDA, relatively also for all the applications shown at the event, both with packages to flash with root permissions, yet, if you really don't want to go into complex mechanisms, you can downloadAndroid L Keyboard directly from the Google Play Store.

In fact, this is one of today's pleasant news that the developer Shen Ye wanted to provide users, by deciding, option used for many of their own applications directly from Google, to provide the new Android L Keyboard within the store, obviously provided that you have a device with Android 4.0 or higher, without distinction between Nexus devices, which were able to boast the preview version of Android L, and all the others, which will instead have to wait for the release by their respective companies.

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<p>The installation of Android L Keyboard, the new one <strong>keyboard</strong> of Android L which is characterized by a very interesting minimal design and capable of meeting the style recently adopted by <strong>SwiftKey</strong>, which we remind you have become <span style=free for everyone, as always subject to the selection of the input method, which can be performed using the application's guided tool. To try it, please refer to the relevant page on the Google Play Store:

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