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Amazon App-Shop: the best 9 free photography apps

As it is now well known to most, one of the real development sectors which has grown the attention of smartphone manufacturers and software houses certainly the photographic one, not only through the recent fashion of selfies, so as to create a real parallel market, just think that the recent one Huawei Ascend P7 it even boasts exclusive features in this sense, but with the general aim of replacing classic cameras, and for this reason that Amazon has decided to launch an interesting opportunity with itsAmazon App Shop.

On the series of tributes that the store Amazon has conducted over the past few months, Amazon App Shop offers today 9 titles among the best in the entire panorama, and generally available on the Google Play Store with variable prices, making them available for free for all those interested. The titles proposed are varied, offering a large catalog of opportunities for retouching, photo editing and improving the shooting quality of the camera.

Below are the Amazon proposals with all the titles in premium version:

Amazon App-Shop offers

The promotion for apps dedicated to photography active only within, as usual, the end of the day, we therefore recommend that you take the opportunity of the Amazon App-Shop if interested.

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